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Accounting and Taxation Services

Using a combination of process and effective tax accounting services, Digital Solution Axis can provide a full range of accounting and taxation services to deliver valuable insights, mitigate risks, and identify opportunities. Taking income tax provision calculations into account for financial reporting purposes is a service that our professionals can provide to companies. Aside from these services, we can also assist clients in understanding the impact of new tax laws on income tax calculation, income tax disclosures, and income tax account balances. Our professionals can also handle tax and accounting tax uncertainties.

Moreover, our specialists can provide management with advice on complex tax accounting issues, including Up-C structures and deferred tax validations. We can also provide you with proforma financial statements, remediate your internal control assessment, and restate your financial statements. Let us know your requirements; we would love to assist you!

Tax and Bookkeeping Services For Small Business

Our bookkeeping services for small businesses help you manage payroll, manage expenses, track cash flow, and access important documents. In today’s fast-paced business environment, companies have greater demands for their income tax accountants and report writers. The organization has faced a number of challenges due to increased tax disclosures and account balances, new reporting requirements, compressed close cycles, and standards.

Tax accounting services include:

  • Support for tax provision calculation
  • Services related to uncertain tax positions
  • Support and assistance with tax accounting
  • Support for acquisitions and dispositions of tax assets
  • Assistance with remediation and restoration
  • Tax basis balance sheet support and deferred tax analysis are also available.

Why Choose Us?

  • It is our policy to charge a fair price for our services.
  • Our approach is flexible and friendly.
  • You won’t have to spend time in meetings with us.
  • Our team can deal with you over the phone if we do not need to schedule a meeting.
  • Bring in your books without making an appointment
  • We are here to assist you with every possible discussion.
  • Let us know what you need for your business, and we tackle all the issues with you.
  • Your accounts and returns will be mailed to you after we have completed them, or you can come into the office to pick them up.
  • Where possible, we make tax savings for you
  • Consider us your remote accounting, payroll, and pension office department, saving you money by not hiring a full-time employee. Payroll can also be run weekly or monthly by our accounting and taxation services.
  • Your current bookkeeper can work with us to keep costs low, or we can handle all your bookkeeping needs.

Our team of tax and accounting professionals is ready to help clients because we realize that every penny counts in today’s economic climate; let us see if we can save you money.

An Accurate Financial Peace - Let Us Help You

Thousands of small businesses rely on our pros every year to prepare their taxes. If you don't know how to file your taxes, hire a professional or get help from experts. Our goal is to help you get back to what you're passionate about while saving you time.

If you're a self-employed or business owner, we'll keep your books accurate for you. Your business can benefit from our professional bookkeeping and tax services.

Our year-end tax filing and payroll services enable you to focus on what you do best. Whether you work for yourself or have employees, we have options that will meet your needs.

How We Work?

People who are real. Perfect books. We import bank statements and prepare financial statements on a monthly basis for your small business. Are you ready to take a dig with us?

Expert support provided one-on-one
Dedicated bookkeepers and expert small business advisors are part of the Bench team. Whether you're on desktop or mobile, your team is just a swipe away.
Powerful financial reporting
Bench keeps you in control of your money by giving you a monthly financial statement and expense overview. Visual reports provide a quick overview of your business and help you develop actionable insights. Get ready to experience our tax and bookkeeping services for a powerful comeback.
You can access real-time insights at any time
Your financial data is always up-to-date when you log in. Real-time insights allow you to make on-the-spot spending and savings decisions for your business through our accounting and taxation services.
Stress-free tax season
With Digital Solution Axis, you get everything you need to file your taxes at the end of the year. Take care of even more on your to-do list by upgrading your plan. With our premium package, you'll get year-round tax advice, tax preparation, and filing.

Focus On Your Business - Let Us Handle The Taxes

Having full visibility into your startup’s finances is possible with this end-to-end financial solution. 

The industry’s most experienced business accountants handle your tax and bookkeeping from start to finish with our simple processes.

What do we offer in our tax and bookkeeping services?

Tax Filing
Tax experts and technology work together to simplify your US corporate tax filing so you can focus on growing your business.
Tax returns for startups of all sizes at a flat rate
For C-Corps, LLCs, and S-Corps, our cost-effective tax filing services will help you stay compliant, save money, and reduce admin time.
Techniques for saving taxes
We investigate your situation to find out if you qualify for any tax credits and deductions. Our experts are well-certified and have years of experience in dealing with complex situations.
Filing taxes fully remotely
Using online document sharing, collaboration, and e-files makes working with us easy. With our extensive collection of tax and accounting services, our experts can work fully remotely to give a stress-free environment.
Our privacy and security are trusted
Using industry-leading security practices, we safeguard your personal information and identity. We ensure to keep things private and protected.
Turnaround time that is fast
Stay on top of your deadlines. We will help you file your taxes quickly with our advanced technology and expert tax team.

We Help New Startups To Navigate The Taxes Complexity

Our team of experts handles all your US tax compliance requirements so you can build the home of your dreams. We’re a tech-forward company founded by entrepreneurs to help start-up businesses understand the ridiculously complicated US corporate tax system. We know what you’re going through as a business owner. Our packages are specifically designed for startups so you can focus on what you do best: growing your business instead of dealing with taxes and bookkeeping.

We assign to your business a dedicated tax expert who is well-versed in all types of foreign-owned corporations, partnerships, and other types of business structures.

It’s important to invest every dollar into your startup’s future. Take advantage of every tax savings dollar to extend your runway. With our comprehensive accounting and taxation services, you will find a big relief. 

With decades of experience, we can guide your business to a profitable, secure, and stable future. Our services aren’t costly or unnecessary. We offer flexible plans for our customers so they can pick and choose what they need. We are your trusted partner in this digital era.

Start Your Business With Our Bookkeeping and Tax Services

Isn't it better to focus on growing your business instead of worrying about confusing administration? Our tax and bookkeeping services are specifically tailored to the needs of small businesses we help finance so you won't have to worry about your administrative burden and can gain crucial financial insight.

Let us guide you to the right bookkeeping and tax services provider that meets your requirements and gives you peace of mind. Get our services to grow your business further without any complexities.

Is Your Business Ready for the Right Plan?

It's tough to manage accounting as a business owner. We're here to help!


Frequently Asked Questions

Accounting for taxes is one method of determining a company's tax liability and helping them to avoid penalties. The accounting and taxation services manage financial challenges under one segment so that companies can focus on their other tasks.

Let us know what you want and what your assumptions are with the tax department, and we are here to help you right away. Digital Solution Axis is a reputable digital marketing agency that gives clients a digital space that is both safe and valuable.

Yes, when you hire an agency for tax and bookkeeping services, it will help you find multiple options regarding what would be better for your brand. When it comes to hiring a reputable company for accounting and taxation services, let us be your partner.

At Digital Solution Axis, we can provide you with the best and most certified tax advisors who are well-informed about the new tax updates and give you relief and peace of mind.

We cover a wide range of tax and accounting services to benefit your business from start to finish. Our tax and bookkeeping services ensure to can handle all your financial burdens without any hidden charges.